[aprssig] OT: Yaesu to release digital amateur radio gear

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Thu Dec 29 20:58:14 EST 2011

Icom gave away repeaters to help continue D-Star's growth. So what is the
big deal with seeding equipment? Companies do it all the time.

The Codec is proprietary yes. The Codec is available to anyone on a chip
for around $25 in quantity one. Buy more and I assume there is a discount.
 Our radios use proprietary chips all the time with proprietary DSP
firmware. P25 manufacturers use proprietary technology in their radios.
>From what I have seen so far, D-Star radios are much less expensive than
P25 radios.

What do we need cross-compatibility for with Public Service? You think
Police/Fire/Government are going to allow their systems to link to amateur
systems? Hardly. And just like the differing P25 systems, the
manufacturers have allowed for interoperability, but I hardly think
government systems will tie into amateur systems.

Icom trademarked it to protect it. Just like WB4APR trademarked APRS. No
one is charging anyone else to use those names.

D-Star is not an Icom protocol. It was developed by the JARL and it is an
open technology available to anyone. Only the Codec is proprietary as
discussed before.


> If D-Star is such a raging success in the amateur market, why was Icom
> giving away repeaters?  The codec is proprietary. It is not used by any
> other radio service so there is no availability of equipment with cross
> compatibility (for those amateurs who are authorized to use public
> safety frequencies, or have access to used PS equipment).  Icom
> trademarked the D-Star name, so how much are they going to charge other
> manufacturers to use it?  I suspect D-Star will remain an Icom only
> protocol.
> Brian Clark, AG4BC
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