[aprssig] IS-to-RF packet Weighting

Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 12:49:30 EST 2011

It seems to me that too many suggestions around here start out with
"how can we bastardize X that is designed to do Y and make it do Z

Pete's already given an example (CQ server) of how a _system_ can be
_designed_ to do what you want.  Why the insistence on screwing with
APRS-IS to retrofit an incompatible idea?

Ideally an erroneous packet would be rejected as such by existing
implementations.  Unfortunately the APRS protocol is already enough of
a kludge that code is complex and therefore error prone.  We also have
dead products, like UI-View, that clutter (or even dominate) the

We DON'T KNOW what the effect of these changes will do to an
individual implementation, much less the worldwide system as a whole.
You can speculate and assume all you want, but you will not know
without implementing and exhaustive testing (and then you still won't
_know_ because APRS is too ill-defined).


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