[aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity"

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 10:37:45 EST 2011

Thinking he understands enough to comment on this, K9DCI has a comment and suggestion to the following thread: 
> Subject: [aprssig] Why Not "Gate in Vicinity"

  My initial reaction to non-RF devices enering the APRS-IS was one of concern and we now see an example of a problem.  I am also sure there are several other ways that they can cause frustration.

  It seems to me that having something similar to the 30 second RF-RF non duplicate repeat restriction added for IS to RF beacons may be desirable to combat a non-RF device from hogging RF.  THis won't necessarily fix all potential issues, but it does mirror the RF>RF restriction

I noticed that the VE4HTO-14 station noted previously stopped the rapid beaconing, and beaconing altogether in mid travels (22 hrs ago).

73, Steve, K9DCI

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