[aprssig] Coast-to-Coast Balloon Flight (non-burst?)

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 17:07:41 EST 2011

--- Bob Bruninga wrote:
> I guess I thought it was a super-pressure balloon. 
> But from the photos, it
> appears to be just a regular balloon?...
> Or was it oversized simply so that it would not
> burst?  I'd like more info
> on what prevented bursting...

  Before I read anymore...  I was guessing (educated) that since I saw somewnere that 
1 - it was set up for "neutral bouyancy" and 
2 - that they were very worried to control the amount of H2 used that it was filled only to the point where it would reach a specific pressure-altitude and stay there.
3 - The balloon concern seemed to be UV destroying the latex, not over pressure.
4 -  Some high altitude balloons have been open bottom to eliminate the over pressure problem.

That...  over pressure bursting was not a big worry. 

Well see it I'm correct...

And, yes that web site appears to be an after-the-fact sort of thing only.  Too bad.  They should (yea, easy to say) have a media guy on a camera and web updates...

Steve, K9DCI

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