[aprssig] K6RPT-12 recovered in Indiana

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 13 17:38:43 EST 2011

Cancel my request,


Drats, emails crossed. 


Congratulations on an excellent recovery!

Bob, Wb4APR


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A member of the BASE/DePauw Univ balloon group recovered the payload this
afternoon.  This payload is identical to the one still flying near the


73 de Mark N9XTN


Forwarded message below:


This pales in comparison to the amazing flight of -11, but I recovered  -12
from a tree top using the EZ Hang with a tennis ball.  Recovery was fairly
straightforward.  I brought down one small twig from the tree top that I
will ship back to Ron.


Having the unit in my possession, I can confirm a payload mass of 153 gram.
The antenna includes a simple whip with a nice counterpoise going up the
payload string.  The power was simply four "AA" lithium batteries.
(Energizer Lithium Ultimate).


The balloon is definitely Totex and 188 gram returned to the ground with the
flight string in one large sheet.  The neck was simply folded over and
secured with two cable ties under a layer of black plastic electrical tape.

Ron has shared accurate information with all of us.  I'm glad that I was
able to get this unit back for him.


Now, lets hope that -11 keeps on flying along.




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