[aprssig] K6RPT-11 Has Left The US Mainland - Europe Get Ready to Monitor 144.39

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 13 00:37:20 EST 2011

The first V1B2 looks to be around 02:26  about 3 hours ago, when it started bouncing between V1C3 and V1B2.
It's been steady at that voltage for about 9 minutes (from V1C3).
73, Steve, K9DCI USN (Vet) MOT (Ret) Ham (Yet)
--- On Mon, 12/12/11, Greg Clark <k7rkt at bigredbee.com> wrote:

Keep an eye on that battery voltage.  Gain on the final amplifier drops off dramatically below 4.0 volts.  that corresponds


and we're at 'V1B2' right now, so not much headroom.

Greg K7RKT 
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