[aprssig] One of the K6RPT Balloons Has Made It Over The Rockies!

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It was cool, watching the -11 and -12 tracks from my shack. What was happening to the data on -13 or -14 (don't remember which) that was zigzagging north-south by hundreds of miles? Must have been some interesting data garble before it came down. Are they sending any other telemetry?

Wonder if they'll make it far enough for direct RF in my neighborhood?

Andrew, KA2DDO
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Two of the balloons from the K6RPT 4-balloon mega-launch yesterday afternoon in 
San Jose, CA are still aloft as of 10:00 AM Monday EST (1500 UTC).

K6RPT-12 is now over central Kansas headed toward Kansas Ciy at about 175 MPH 
(about 280 KM/H).    Last night about 04:00 AM Monday , K6RPT stopped 
transmitting when it was just north of the Grand Canyon on the Utah-Arizona 
state line.   It came back to life this morning, just as it was crossing the 
Colorado/Kansas state line.

K6RPT-11 is lagging -12 by about 450 miles (about 700 KM), but has been 
transmitting continuously all night.  It  is currently over Durango in extreme 
south-west Colorado.

Take a look at the raised-relief 3D-like topo effect currrently on the 
UIview/Precision Mapping tracker for both balloons at

. <http://wa8lmf.net/LiveTrack>



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