[aprssig] Satellite prediction/tracking app for B'Berry?

Dave dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 12 08:53:05 EST 2011


Is there any satellite prediciton software about, that run's on a 
BlackBerry (or Symbian phone) "self contained"?

That is, once it has updated kep's it does not run up any 
network/data/web access costs, it just calculates and lets you know when 
the bird of interest comes into (or will come into) view (and where to 

Something was mentioned on a recent Ham Nation episode, but without 
listening to the entire episode again (I was driving at the time, plus 
they don't have searchable transcripts yet) I can't find reference to any 
such app for the BB, even after some time googling over several days etc.  
(Poluted search results and so on.)

I'm NOT interested in any 'droid or iphone app's, as I don't have any of 
that hardware.


Dave G0WBX.

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