[aprssig] Need Help Troubleshooting Embedded Maps

Pat Cook kb0oxd at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 14:12:27 EST 2011

Hi everyone :)

Trying to use the embed code from APRS.FI to put a live tracker right
on my website but I need a little help troubleshooting them.....

My problem is the map I've set up on one of my main webcam pages (I
want people to be able to track me in near-real time while watching my
live cam stream :) ) @ http://www.wix.com/kb0oxd/ustream only tracks
me (KB0OXD-5) while the map on my APRS page @
http://www.wix.com/kb0oxd/aprs shows EVERYONE ELSE BUT me

What I want the map to do is track me (KB0OXD-5) AS WELL AS show
others who are in the area

What am I doing wrong or not doing right?

Cheers & 73 :)

Pat Cook, KB0OXD
Denver, CO
KB0OXD Cybershack - http://www.wix.com/kb0oxd/kb0oxd/
KB0OXD Cybershack Soap Box - http://kb0oxd.blogspot.com/
EchoLink Node No. 19905 (LINK COMING SOON - 147.465 Mhz. Simplex/100.0 Hz PL)
APRS TRACKER ( NEW !!! ) - http://aprs.fi/KB0OXD (Usually on as
KB0OXD-5 Via APRSDroid)

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