[aprssig] A/N game Football Tracking Underway! & APRN

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 9 16:58:22 EST 2011

> Uh, what exactly is being tracked? 
> They're not passing the ball _that_ far out of bounds, are they? ;-)

Oops, sorry...

The web page is http://aprs.org/football.html

It fills in the background and then links to APRS.FI.

I am kicking myself for not putting an SSTV camera in the van and letting
people all over the world take a picture by sending an Email to the FBALL
callsign, and then viewing it on APRN.

See the current APRN concept:  http://www.chryseis.be/~bvh/starlabs/aprn/

There you see how Bernard Van Haecke KI6TSF has really put together a great
APRN system!  The idea of APRSN, is that you take a picture, send it via the
local APRN voice repeater in your area, where it gets captured into the APRN
network where your APRS position and comments are then attached to the
caputed image, and immediately available for all the world to see... in
SECONDS!  Imagine the first responder application..

And now that you can buy SSTV cameras from Argent Data Systems for under $80
bucks, compared to the old $500 Kenwood VCH1, maybne now is the time for
SSTV integrated with APRS to come back alive!

Bob, Wb4APR

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