[aprssig] FAST1 packet result

Greg Dolkas ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 00:17:08 EST 2011

Hi folks,

Well, not much luck pushing packets through FAST1.  I did hear a couple of
packets (nice strong signal), and decoded one beacon from it.  All zeros
for the position, so it ended up off the coast of Africa on my map.  A
bazillion letter "G"s in the packet too; not what that's for.  My client is
APRSIS/32, driving an MFJ 1278T TNC in KISS mode to a Yaesu 736R and an 8
element beam up on the roof.

 F11G0GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG {snip} GGGGGGGGGGG210105286 027 019 017 016 027

I tried sending some APRS packets through, using FAST1 as my path.  I did
seem to hear packets coming back after one or two of my transmits, but
nothing got decoded.  It could have been a coincidence (I transmit, then it
did in apparent reply).

Try again, maybe tomorrow evening.  Any suggestions?

Greg  KO6TH
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