[aprssig] EchoLink along the AT

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 22 21:44:56 EDT 2010

> WB4APR wrote:
>> I want to run the Appalachian Trail against 
>> the list of Echolink repeaters and links and 
>> build a file of the closest access points 
>> to the trail.

> Does anyone have rough lat/lon coordinates 
> for a line describing the AT?

I believe John Huggins found one when we did the annual AT event because he added it to all his RF link maps.  It appears to be pretty high resolution.

The original APRSdos also had the complete trail, though I hand made it back in the 90's and so it is not high resolution.  Lets see if John has his file?

What I wouild do, is take all the points on the trail (filering down to about a point evrey mile) and then run each point past the Echolink file.  Keeping the minimum distance Echolink node for each point.

That would be about 2000 entries.  Then filtering out all the dupes for the minimum distances.  Bingo. Done.

Do the same for all digipeaters.
The for all IGates...

Then that would make a nice handy data file for a h iker.

Bob, Wb4APR
>> If anyone has any ideas of where to find the database, lemme know.  Tomorrow Ill check with the AT Conference in Harpers Ferry...
>> My kids want to hike it next summer...
>> and want to take an HT.  Ill also run it against a list of all digipeaters...  Will need that file too...
>> Bob, Wb4APR
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