[aprssig] The bootleggers are getting smarter

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Fri Sep 17 17:50:13 EDT 2010

Aha.  Then (from that list) that's going to be Chuck Haskin, KA9ZSA, of

Chuck is a active rocketeer.  Perhaps he was using CWID on the tracker (we'd
never know from afar, darn it).  

Here's a link to one of Chuck's photos online (showing 144.390).
from his 2010 photo album at

We're okay this time, it was no bootlegger, only a ham.  <grin>
73, Cap

P.S.  These days, who but a ham would fiddle around with VHF APRS?
Everybody else just uses their smartphone, eh?  hi hi

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> There is a registered flier list at the Kloudbuster's web site that may
> help narrow it down:
> http://www.kloudbusters.org/airfest/reg_flyers.cfm.  It lists fliers by
> full name and state.  There were only a handful from IL on the list.

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