[aprssig] The bootleggers are getting smarter

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Might be interesting to point this out to the editors of high power rockets magazine.  They are aware of the problem of people using tracking equipment that requires a license.

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Subject: [aprssig] The bootleggers are getting smarter
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I see good local APRS activity near Schaumburg, IL, northwest of Chicago!
Cool.  No doubt some hams around there are familiar with the "big box
stores" shopping centers at the cross of Barrington Road and Schaumburg
Road.  From there, it's apparently only a short detour to visit the KA9RKT
vehicle's home parking spot very near the intersection of Sierra Pass Drive
and Camel Bend Court.  <grin>

One can find the route track _starting point_ (Wednesday September 1) on the
map at

I hope someone will soon let us know what type of antenna the vehicle uses
for 144.39. <grin>

At aprs.fi we can see, over the Labor Day weekend on their vacation trip to
Kansas, apparently KA9RKT visited the Wichita Airport twice and likely
stayed overnight in Wellington near the annual Labor Day A.I.R.Fest rocketry
event, before driving home to "West Schaumburg".
73, Cap KE6AFE

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> I noticed "KA9RKT" drove from the Chicago area to central Kansas,
> possibly heading for A.I.R.Fest (big, 4-day rocket launch, hence the
> "RKT" in the call.)  Curious to see who it was I looked it up only to
> find that it's an unassigned call.
> Unfortunately, he's also being a bit abusive, beaconing every 30
> seconds with a 3-hop path before entering an APRS black hole south of
> Wichita.
> -Jerome, W0JRT

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