[aprssig] Salt Water Antenna

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 18:26:11 EDT 2010

> Don't need to be near a salt water body..watch the video again.
> Regards, Clay AA3JY

Don't get me wrong, Clay.    It *is* interesting, but not without disadvantages.

   For the no-salt-water-body case, it takes a 'bucket'. lots of salt (mcGiver needed), some containment tube and still needs the pump and power to run it.  It'll still have the variable length/breakup issue at the top of the water column.  [mythbusters showed that stream breakup made peeing on the third rail (without getting electrocuted) 'possible']

Compare that with bringing some wire and monofilament line.  IF there are no structures remaining to support wires, water equipment may be useful.

Now, using a salt-water filled hose, looks better and a garden hose or hospital tube would do.  Better for a McGiver situation (as long as you carry the probe around . (;-)

 I wonder about his turns ratio.  Common I-Probes would provide a high impedance to the transmitter.  I need to look up the secondary turns on mine to get the Z-Ratio. 

73, Steve, K9DCI


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