[aprssig] Several servers down

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Sep 13 07:34:43 EDT 2010

I have to take the servers off line for a short period sometime between 
0800 and 1700 CDT today. Outages should not exceed one hour. Outage will 
not extend past 1700 CDT.

I have to do some preventive maintenance on the UPS system.  Frequent 
campus power outages have prompted this work.

73 gerry n5jxs

Gerald Creager wrote:
> Cooling partially restored, servers are back online. We now return you 
> to your regularly scheduled programming.
> 73 Gerry N5JXS
> Gerald Creager wrote:
>> Texas A&M had a power failure this morning that has affected my server 
>> room cooling... over 80F and climbing. Also, we have several network 
>> nodes between my servers and the Internet that are down still.
>> CWOP.aprs.net, CWOP1.aprs.net and CWOP4.aprs.net, as well as 
>> FIRST.aprs.net, FOURTH.aprs.net and FIFTH.aprs.net, and the backup 
>> findu server are down until I can be sure we've got network 
>> connectivity, and cooling. AS soon as network connectivity returns, 
>> I'll restore the servers as part of our core services. I do not have 
>> an ETR at this time.
>> 73 Gerry N5JXS

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