[aprssig] Vicinity Tracking

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 9 15:00:20 EDT 2010

> Please help out a newbie and tell me how to 
> represent a "vicinity" tracked station on a map?  
> It would seem that no matter where I position
> it, it would appear to have beaconed that position.  
> (I had the same issue with ambiguity, but at 
> least that only goes out to a mile or so)
> Currently, I would place such stations off the 
> coast of Africa (0,0) ...

In APRSdos, I place a big QUESTION MARK symbol on the map using
1 mile ambiguity around the digipeater where they got in.  In
fact, APRSdos does this for all new stations heard until a valid
position packet follows.  Further, I do NOT display the callsign
so as n ot to imply a valid position.  But at least now they are
there, and they can be found with any of the search or FIND
functions.  Again, the symbol data also blows up into an
ambiguity circle as soon as you zoom in significantly and the
callsign only shows up if you click on it.

All of these make sure not to force an exact position.  Further,
the text of the symbol's position report includes the words
"vicinity plot".

> If you can describe an idea of how to make it 
> clear that the station isn't really where 
> it's being drawn, I'd love to show a more 
> approximate position based on the "first" digi 
> in the used path of the packet, provided of 
> course that that digi is actually transmitting 
> coordinates!

Bob, Wb4APR

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