[aprssig] APRS Question (frequency)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 26 12:59:27 EDT 2010

> Watching some of the people running APRS on 
> the internet, I see how they often are using 
> frequencies other than the 144.39 mhz. 

How can you tell?  To my knowledge, there is nothing in APRS
that can identify the APRS channel frequency.

Are you confusing their posting of their VOICE monitoring
frequency?  APRS is a two-way system and its purpose is to
facilitate ham-to-ham communication.  So in about the year 2001
we realized that the voice freuqency of every operator should be
included in his position report so that we can communicate
operator-to-operator as needed.  This is ham radio, a 2-way

> We have the Kenwood D710 which we're trying to get working...

Great!  Kenwood and Yeasu took our lead then and added FREQ to
the D710 and FTM-350, so that they can automatically insert your
voice freq (from the VOICE side of your radio) and include it in
each position report.  To do this, you need to select STATUS 5
on the Kenwood.  That is the only STATUS that will automatically
insert the voice channel.  In the FTM350 it is a menu setting.

Whenever you see someone with a D710 or FTM-350 on your display
and they do not have their Freq in their packet, ask them why?
Most do not know how to set STATUS 5 or their FTM350.  A few
grumudgeons of course will tell you its none of your business...

Good luck!

Also, if you do not see local FREQ objects in your station list,
then ask you local DIGI owner why not?  EVERY digi is supposed
to be transmitting at least one recommended VOICE FREQ object to
its local area.  And EVERYONE is within range of at least one
digi, so they MUST see at least one of these objects.  If

See www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

AND!!! If you are seeing frequency objects from MORE than your
VHF simplex range, then it is SPAM.  Get to the originator of
that object and ask him to stop spamming the entire local region
with his spam, and to cut back the path to SIMPLEX DIRECT from
the digi.

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR NOW:  If any of you on the SIGS do not
see one of these objects in your area, then if you do not ask
the digi owner, who will?

I am frustrated from my 6 hour drive this weekend from Maryland
to Connecticut and only a small number of frequencies were seen.
And half of them were SPAM from so far away they were useless,
missleading, and caused me to waste tunning time when they were
too far away.


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