[aprssig] Info about Kantronics KPC-3+

Guido Tedeschi guidoted at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 11:33:31 EDT 2010

2010/10/22 Wes Johnston, AI4PX <wes at ai4px.com>:
> But for aprs use, why not get an open tracker from argent data?  The newer
> TNCs from argent and byonics have better digipeating features than the kpc3
> does.  You can set a hop limit for example.  They can report voltages and
> temperatures over the air in aprs format.
I was considering the Open Tracker 2, but the demodulator is built
around the old 2211 PLL, which is not so good like the MX/FX614 used
on KPC-3...
About the Byonics TT4, I already own one and I'm very satisfied, but
it is not so RF proof in its plastic case and I have to test better
the digipeating, because i noted few glitches the last time that I
Thanks and 73
Guido, ik2bcp

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