[aprssig] Lost Goat - APRS Beacon?

James - KB7TBT kb7tbt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 18:20:16 EDT 2010

ok ok ok, lol..

For anyone that does not know Steve, Rooster and Peanut please visit:

Had the pleasure of making contact and being on one of his youtube vids!.

To answer your question Steve, yes it is a great idea. You can use a separate simplex freq if you don't want to tie up the APRSIS, but if you set it for a wide 1-1 at 15 min beacon rate on 39 it wont hurt. If you get some good elevation I would hope there is a gate close.
I would love to see Peanut or Rooster show up. There is a rover (dog) symbol, don't think there is a goat...LOL

You can use anything you wish, ICOM, Kenwood or whatever, TinyTrak or Opentracker and a cheep GPS.


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That's just too baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad to let slip by.  
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