[aprssig] APRS Messenger v2.92 now with smart HF message Igating

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls ke6sls at arrl.net
Thu Oct 14 23:52:17 EDT 2010

Hey Chris:

Thanks for making this app run on Linux, even though it requires WINE.  That 
is a big plus in my book! 

73 om

On Thursday 14 October 2010 16:47:16 Chris Moulding wrote:
> I've just released APRS Messenger v2.92 to the web page:
> http://www.crosscountrywireless.net/aprs_messenger.htm
> This program now has a "smart" Igating feature to send APRS messages and
> Acks from the APRS-IS to HF stations using APRS over PSK, QPSK or GMSK.
> The program only transmits packets to stations recently heard on HF by
> the Igate. To reduce on-air traffic the first message packet isn't
> usually transmitted to allow an Ack via the APRS-IS first if both
> stations are connected to the APRS-IS.
> Igated packets are transmitted using APRS over GMSK-250 which has been
> found to be very resistant to fading, noise and interference.
> This new feature allows HF stations in remote areas of the world to send
> and receive APRS messages to any other APRS station worldwide.
> The worldwide frequency for APRS over PSK, QPSK and GMSK is 10.1497 MHz.
> 73,
> Chris, G4HYG

jaye, ke6sls

How much does free cost?  
How much is free worth?

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