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Sorry if this is a dupe. Thought I already sent it this morning, but am not
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The as-yet-unnamed Inland Empire Near Space Enthusiasts (IENSE) group has
completed final preparations for the launch, tracking, and recovery of a
high altitude balloon scheduled for launch Saturday morning from the
Ritzville, WA area. Final launch preparations were discussed in a leadership
meeting this past weekend. Details follow:
Launch: Saturday, October 16, 0800-0830PDT, weather dependent (forecast is a
go for launch)
Launch Site: Ritzville High School. Launch team on-site by 0730. Breakfast
at Ritzville Perkins 0645PDT.
Flight profile: Wind predictions are to the East. Projected LZ is 65-90
miles (LZ will be refined and identified on www.findu.com upon burst
detection). Projected altitude is 90k feet on a two hour flight.
Tracking callsign: Two APRS trackers: K7GPS-11 and KG5AO-8. (Tracking also
available on www.aprs.fi)

Package: 1000g latex balloon with helium fill, 6' parachute for recovery
after burst, capsule is 15"x12"x9" styrofoam container with two APRS
trackers (KG5AO-8 and K7GPS-11), vertical SD color video camera with GPS
overlay to record balloon expansion and burst), SD color video camera on
diagonal alignment, and two SD Canon A470 cameras with CHDK-hack recording
horizontal imagery every 10 seconds.

Tracker details: K7GPS-11 is a BigRedBee BeeLine 2M all-in-one APRS tracker.
KG5AO-8 is a Yaesu Vertex 2M HT, Byonics TinyTrak3 controller, and Garmin
E-Trex GPS. Both GPS devices are certified for flight above 60k ft.

Credit: Thanks to members of the Spokane Astronomical Society for their
interest, support, and enthusiasm with this project.

PAO Note: KHQ has been contacted and may attend the launch activities.

Related links:
Tracker 1 K7GPS-11: http://www.findu.com/k7gps-11
Tracker 1 K7GPS-11: http://aprs.fi/?call=k7gps-11
Tracker 2 KG5AO-8: http://www.findu.com/kg5ao-8
Tracker 2 KG5AO-8: http://aprs.fi/?call=kg5ao-8
NWAPRS site: http://nwaprs.info/balloons

Regards, David K7GPS
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