[aprssig] is this guy using APRS?

James - KB7TBT kb7tbt at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 12:01:13 EDT 2010

I have seen this story as well, it is a great plug for the NSR folks, he has 
some great photos.
Unfortunately I was not impressed at all, I thought it was "so yesterday".
NSR folks have been sending live video from 90,000ft+ for years now using 
Amateur Television.
When I first saw the story I was waiting for the next greatest thing, not 
something I had done 15 years ago.


> MR6RJH has gotten a lot of airplay this weekend for launching a weather
> balloon with a Canon camera, GPS, and transmitter attached. Saw two
> different stories about the spectacular photos he got at 22 miles up,
> first on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC Friday night, then again on the
> NBC morning news show yesterday. Neither story mentioned he was a ham
> (unless I missed it), but I suspected he was a ham since he said he used
> a transmitter with a GPS to track and recover the payload after the
> balloon burst. Finally caught his name this morning and was able to look
> him up and get his call sign.
> You can see the photos here: http://www.robertharrison.org/
> Dunno if he was using APRS to track the balloon. Anybody know for sure?
> 73,
> Stan, WA1LOU 

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