[aprssig] APRN status?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Mar 25 20:30:39 EDT 2010

Scott Miller wrote:
> Is APRN still around?  Are there any stations monitoring 2 meters for 
> SSTV in Southern California?
YES.   My APRS webserver monitors 438.15   24/7 for SSTV uplinks in 
SoCal from Pasadena.   I have an auxiliary input on my APRN system that 
could be connected to a 2M RX, but 2M activity is so saturated in SoCal 
that I doubt that much would get through.    Could you do UHF?  (It 
would make for a smaller antenna too.)

Why Robot 36?   It's the worst and lowest-resolution of all SSTV modes, 
outside of the classic B&W 8-second 120-line format.   How about Scottie 
2 instead? 

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