[aprssig] PhotoMap of Dayton Hamvention Venue For UIiview and other APRS Apps

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Mar 23 06:47:46 EDT 2010

The page linked below on my website is a download of a 
very-high-resolution aerial photo of an approximately 1-mile-square area 
surrounding the Hara Arena, venue of the Dayton Hamvention.  This image 
is about 3600 x 3800 pixels in 256-color BMP format.
Two calibration files are included in the file. 

Both cal files represent the lat/long coordinates of the northwest and 
southeast corners of the image. One is in Degrees and decimal degrees 
(DD.dddddd) used by PMap Server 7 while the other is in native GPS/APRS 
format (DD.MM.mm) format used natively by UIview.  Either could be 
converted for use with other programs.

   * Use *Dayton-Hara.inf* and *Dayton-Hara.BMP* file directly as a
     static map in UIview and other programs that can use UIview-style
     maps and calibration.  The image will be far larger than the
     window in UIview.  The image can't be zoomed, but it can be
     scrolled to view various parts of the image.  Place the two files
     in the main * UIview/Maps * folder. In UIview, choose "Map, Load A
     Map" and choose " Dayton Hara Area " from the list.

         * Use *Dayton-Hara.sat* and **Dayton-Hara.BMP** as an underlay 
     for Precision Mapping 7 or 8.  The image will appear underneath
     the normal vector road data of Precision Mapping and will
     automatically re-size as Precision Mapping is zoomed in or out.
     Place the two files in the * /Underlays* folder underneath the
     main PMapServer7 folder. In UIview with the Precision Mapping
     Server 7 running, pulldown "Map, Control Panel".  In the resulting
     "PMapServer7 Control Panel", pull down "Underlay, Load Underlay",
     and check the box for "Dayton-Hara.bmp".   The image will not
     appear until you close the PMap7 Server Control Panel. 

Web page with a download link for the image in a zip file is here on my 


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