[aprssig] OFF-LIST Re: APRS Messenger v2.37 now has GPS HF beaconing

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Sat Mar 6 14:26:09 EST 2010

>      WA8LMF-63>APSK63:=3409.84N/11807.02Wv      
> 1)    It appears that the exclamation mark "!" (that is the prefix for 
> an APRS position string) before the latitude is missing.
OK, in APRS position formats "!" is the symbol for no APRS messaging 
available, "=" is the symbol for APRS messaging available. You can still 
send and receive messages while using the GPS beacon option.

> 2)    I checked "car" on the start screen, but the code for "van" 
> (lower-case "v") is appearing after the longitude instead of the code 
> for "car"  ( ">" )  .   

That's my mistake. I drive a van and automatically put the default as a 
van. I'll post the corrected version in about half an hour.

> 3)    To minimize headaches and endless email queries/complaints, I 
> think thatsaying "A serial or USB GPS" is asking for trouble.  
> This issue comes up ENDLESSLY on various APRS mailing lists as naive 
> or clueless users with cheap consumer USB GPS devices keep asking how 
> to make them work with TinyTracks, Kenwood radios, UIview, etc.     
> USB GPS devices as-is DO NOT work with APRS hardware or software.   
> The statement needs to be something like 
> "Works with any 4800 baud NMEA serial GPS.  USB GPS devices require an 
> appropriate software driver to create a virtual (simulated) COM port."

Good point.

73, Chris, G4HYG

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