[aprssig] APRS satellite Launch 11 March CALL SIGN ??

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 5 11:26:33 EST 2010

What is the APRS call sign?

I posted this for the local club and someone wants to watch it on the net.


> East Coast APRS Satellite Launch 11
> March!
> You will be able to see it too over most of the
> mid-atlantic.  I
> don't see a launch time or any other info yet.  Here
> is what I
> have received:
> -----------------------------------------------------
> A sounding rocket with amateur satellite operating on
> 144.39 MHZ
> APRS will rise to 100 miles or so for an 8 minute
> mission.  The
> rocket (I think) is the Hall 12.067.
> The payload is called SOCEM/ADAMASat.  There is a
> computer
> program and GUI to interface to your PC so you can grab
> the
> telemetry live.  It is on:
> http://ssl.engr.uky.edu/adamasat_free_gui.exe
> It's a one shot deal, so I'm gonna have a backup TNC and
> HYPERTERM collecting everything.   
> ADAMASat is the Antenna Deployment and Mono-filament
> Actuator
> Satellite. It's a 2U CubeSat designed by Kentucky Space as
> part
> of SOCEM, the Sub-Orbital CubeSat Experimental Mission.
> ADAMASat, which is scheduled to launch on Hall 12.067 out
> of
> Wallops Flight Facility on 11 March, will fly in space for
> roughly 8 minutes performing an engineering experiment and
> transmitting data down to Earth via APRS packets. 
> More information on ADAMASat is available at
> http://ssl.engr.uky.edu/suborbital/adamasat Kentucky
> Space is
> hereby releasing to the AMSAT-NA community the ADAMASat
> GUI, a free 32-bit Windows binary for amateur radio
> operators in
> the Eastern United States who are interested in tracking
> ADAMASat on its launch day. The GUI is a standalone
> application
> and upon opening it on his/her computer, the HAM will be
> greeted
> with a popup window which explains the steps required to
> track
> the payload. 
> All that is needed is a Windows machine, a radio and TNC
> which
> can receive on 144.390 MHz, a serial or USB cable, and a
> suitable location. The GUI parses the APRS packets as they
> are
> received, graphing temperatures on-board the payload and
> reporting status of the mission in real-time. It also
> includes
> instructions on e-mailing the packet log to Kentucky Space
> to
> aid in post-processing, and a built-in aggregator for the
> official ADAMASat Twitter RSS feed. 
> Disclaimer: Kentucky Space provides the GUI "as is"
> without
> warranties of any kind, and shall not incur any liability
> for
> any damages connected to the use of the GUI.
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