[aprssig] APRS Messenger PSK-63 30M Mobile Test

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Mar 4 04:20:56 EST 2010

Getting ready for *MOBILE* PSK63 tests.

This coming week,  Wednesday March 10th, I will be mobile from Pasadena, 
CA to Las Vegas, NV for the annual IWCE (International Wireless 
Communications Expo).    I will be beaconing on 30M HF PSK63 with the 
call   WA8LMF-HF   enroute.      This will be with my standard mobile 
installation of a Yaesu FT-857 and a W6HIQ HiQ screwdriver on my Jetta 
TDI.   Pics of the mobile setup here:


Since we don't (yet) have real-time GPS capability in APRS Messenger, I 
will be beaconing a status text with my approximate position described 
verbally -- i.e. "Near Barstow, CA" or some such.   I have transmitted a 
dummy posit, representing the approximate mid-point of the trip, into 
the APRS-IS, so WA8LMF-HF now shows on both findu and aprs.fi, allowing 
the STATUS field to be viewed.

I will ALSO be doing the usual VHF beaconing on 2M (with my D700 and 
GPS) under the call WA8LMF (no SSID) if you want to see my exact 
position.  [The stretch of Interstate-15 between L.A. and Las Vegas has 
continuous 2M 144.39 coverage.]

The trip TOWARD Las Vegas will be in the morning of 10 March  starting 
around 8 to 9:00 AM or so local (Pacific) time).

The return trip from Vegas back to L.A. will be in the evening of the 
following day (11 March) probably starting around 6-7:00 PM Pacific, so 
it should be able to take advantage of more favorable propagation to the 
eastern parts of the US in the early evening hours.

My home station, running another copy of APRS Messenger will be 
functioning as a 30M igate on PSK63.    The PSK63 igate is WA8LMF-30    
(as in meters...)    I have no idea if any of my own mobile posits will 
make it to my own igate in Pasadena.   (Both the mobile and fixed 
station are using vertical whips -- terrible for close-in NVIS operation 
which is what I really need.)

I'm designing a 30M magnetic loop ant for the home station which should 
be vastly superior for NVIS, but it won't be ready in time for this 
trip.  Hopefully, it will be ready for the cross-country trek to Dayton 
in May.



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