[aprssig] PBH Mission 1 Launch Scheduled for 1800 EDT on 21 April 2010

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Wed Apr 21 17:07:48 EDT 2010

All ? PBH-10, our test flight, was successful and we plan to launch  
our first mission at 1800 EDT (2200 UTC) 21 April 2010! Be sure to  
check our Twitter feed <http://www.twitter.com/PBH3> to for the latest  

NOTE: While we plan to launch at 1800 EDT, actual launch time may vary  
depending on optimum ground conditions encountered in real time at the  
launch site. If conditions force us to postpone tonight's launch, our  
team is on standby to launch at 0600 EDT (1000 UTC) and 1800 EDT (2200  
UTC) each day until a successful launch occurs.

Please see below for important information about our first mission  
which consists of two balloons that will be launched directly after  
each other:
PBH-11 ? Duration record
VHF(APRS): 144.390 MHz (North American Frequency)
APRS Callsign: KB2ZWZ (Kilo-Bravo-Two-Zulu-Whisky-Zulu)
Monitor APRS location at <http://aprs.fi/?call=KB2ZWZ>

HF: 7.1028 MHz (CW)
HF Callsign: K2RAM
Monitor periodic status transmissions every 10 minutes at :05, :15,  
:25, :35, :45, :55 UTC

HF Message Format: K2RAM [Sequence Number] [N or S][Lat Deg] [W or  
E][Long Deg] [Altitude/10 m] [Voltage*10 V] [Temp/10 K]

[Sequence Number] represents a running counter that counts the 10  
minute periods from power on.  We'll provide a synchronization time on  
Twitter after power on so that you know what the counter corresponds to.

PBH-12 - Scientific experiments
VHF(APRS): 144.390 MHz (North American Frequency)
APRS Callsign:KB3HCY-11 (Kilo-Bravo-Three-Hotel-Charlie-Yankee-Eleven)
Monitor APRS location at <http://aprs.fi/?call=KB3HCY-11>

For the latest updates, please see our Twitter feed  
<http://www.twitter.com/PBH3> and our website  

We'll see you on the air and in the skies!

-Tom Triebwasser

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