[aprssig] HF Packet QRM (One man's meat is another man's poison)

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 04:18:32 EDT 2010


Could I politely ask peep's who use Net14 (or similar modes) on 14.103,
to check their TX's please, so they are not overdriving things, and to
make sure they do not have speech compressors engaged when using data
modes etc.

Someone over the past few weeks mostly at weekends (it sounds somewhat
like 300bd packet) is splattering several kHz either side, in
particular, often down to 14.100.
No, I've not tried to decode it and identify who (yet) and no I do not
think it's my RX (any of three) the bad signal is not that strong with
me, and anyway all three RX's can handle very much stronger adjacent
signals (even RTTY contesters who straddle 14.100!) without loosing
sight of the beacons.

End of request.  Thanks.


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