[aprssig] Reminder for US members: Reset the time in your radios

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 31 09:39:59 EDT 2009

For US members of the list who are affected, once you're done dealing 
ghouls and goblins tonight, don't forget to reset your clocks, 
especially your radio clocks.

I'm sending this out as in the past I've run for days without 
remembering to change the radio as well as the other clocks. Finally 
caught on when I saw that all of my positions were "old" positions on 
the home station.

In addition to resetting your GPS for the time feed to your radio, you 
also need to adjust the time zone on your radio.

For the TM-D700: Menu, (1)Radio, (6)TNC, (5) Time Zone.  add one hour to 
the current setting (example, ET: From -4:00 to -5:00).

Don't forget to do it for each of your saved PMs.

I understand it's a little more involved for the D710, and I have no 
idea on the Yaesu handheld. YMMV.


Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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