[aprssig] Java Class

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Fri Oct 30 17:31:35 EDT 2009

William McKeehan wrote:
> Hmmm...I don't see any source code in that project and if I try to execute the
> Jar, I get an error:
> Invalid or corrupt jarfile jeaprs.jar
> The project was last updated in January 2003...
> Looks like a dead-end unless someone knows something more about it than I do.

Make sure you are looking at the most recent version of the project at


I have spent some time this afternoon to make sure everything is buildable and 
there is a src.zip, api.zip and jeaprs.jar file in the documents and files section.

Yes, I have not been working much on this project.  The main issue is that I 
just don't have time to do everything I'd like to get done.  When I started 
working on this, there was no interest in Java "anything for ham radio" and I 
tried to carry the flame for a while, but decided I just didn't have the energy.

Java represents the most capable platform that ham radio can provide for come as 
you are, run anywhere software.  I've done VOIP (http://javecho.dev.java.net), 
PSK31 (private project using JNI to talk to a library) and countless other 
things in Java.

The next step for me, will be one last attempt at starting a "ham radio 
platform".  The Netbeans Rich Client Platform (eclipse is another perhaps, but 
I'm not an eclipse minded developer) can provide a great way for us to finally 
create a platform for APRS (I want to use KML for the default mapping support) 
that one can plug all kinds of stuff into with just modules.

Anyone interested in participating in something like this, send me an email 
and/or start some discussion on the list here.

Gregg Wonderly

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