[aprssig] APRS TNC Digi Tracker now with built-in GPS receiver

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Sun Oct 25 17:24:24 EDT 2009

Chris G4HYG wrote...

> I did a lot of work during the development phase to see if it was 
> worth adding Smart Beaconing. The conclusion I came to was that it was 
> very difficult to get Smart Beaconing to work in UK and European 
> conditions. I understand that it's designed to transmit a packet with 
> a change of direction. We don't have the grid system of city streets 
> over here so the beacon rate driving in towns and cities ends up far 
> higher than just running a timed beacon every two or three minutes. 
> The large roundabouts (traffic circles?) at motorway junctions also 
> cause many rapid bursts of packets. I like the idea of the reduced 
> rate when stationary and that appears to be the only benefit over 
> here. I've nothing against Smart Beaconing, these are just my 
> observations. If anyone has any suggested settings I would be willing 
> to try them.

You have a good understanding of SmartBeaconing, but the settings are 
adjustable. As well as being able to set the fast and slow speeds, and 
the fast and slow beacon rates, other settings determine how many 
degrees the user must turn before it triggers a beacon, and also tell it 
to not beacon more than every X seconds, so if someone did always drive 
on very twisty roads, it could be fine tuned for that sort of use. When 
something beacons every 2 - 3 minutes, it beacons at that rate whether 
the position has changed or not. If you can add SmartBeaconing, the 
users could at least decide whether to usse a fixed rate or to use 

> Regarding the messages I'm not sure if it's that or Mozilla 
> Thunderbird that sends the messages that way.

I'm viewing the messages in Outlook Express. Your messages appear as an 
empty message with no visible text. If I view the message properties, I 
can see the text, but the easiest way is for me to open the attachment 
that contains the text. Others commented that they didn't see the 
problem. Could you try a reply without the cryptographic signagure?

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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