[aprssig] Fw: Tier 2 Routing Question (followup)

Dick dick at kb7zva.com
Fri Oct 23 20:34:58 EDT 2009

>They have implemented one feature that is designed
>solely for core servers which is causing a portion of 
>their feeds are not being sent to the core servers.
>They have been informed of this error and we should 
>see it corrected today.

>Their changes were implemented to improve APRS-IS
>performance.  As often happens, however, there was 
>a misunderstanding of how certain things work causing
>the error in configuration.  I hope all are not too 
>inconvenienced by this temporary interruption in service.
>Pete Loveall AE5PL
 Thank you Pete for your assistance and fantastic program
skills. javAPRSSrvr has sure made it easy for Tier 2 to
expand globally and make the APRS-IS a better place.
 Everything should be completely back to normal. The error
has been corrected and I'm sorry if it caused any problems
or interruptions to the service we provide.

Tier 2 now has a set of 4 Hub servers located in data
centers globally. Instead of 54 connecting directly to the
existing APRS-IS Core servers, they use 4 Hubs. This type 
of distribution has improved reliability, service and puts less 
 strain on our upstream connects for over 2400 end-users.
That's 70% of all clients on the APRS-IS.
Tier 2 (aprs2.net) provides service to over 2400 APRS-IS
clients globally. This change was implemented around mid-
August and finalized yesterday. Only T2 servers have access
to these Hubs. The existing Core servers do allow end-user
connects which has been problematic. Hopefully common
sense will prevail and end-users will migrate to the T2 servers.
APRS activity continues steady growth on the Internet.
 All Tier 2 servers use the latest version of javAPRSSrvr and
each T2 sysop is a ham volunteer, who donates time and
resources FREE. 
 More information about Tier 2 and the APRS-IS is available
 Dick, KB7ZVA and Phil, AD6NH (T2 Coordinator)
APRS Tier 2 Network

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