[aprssig] Aprx v2 beta, now with Viscous Digipeater

Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 11:39:26 EDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 9:51 AM, Matti Aarnio <oh2mqk at sral.fi> wrote:

> So who has sourcecode for UIDIGI?

If I understand correctly you have implemented a digi algorithm that
is superior to UIDIGI, so who cares where the UIDIGI source code is?

> One should realize that we can get ARM processors with megabytes of flash
> and RAM embedded on a DIP-40 form-factor card.  So what do you want?
> It would not be difficult to make a new "processor", but it probably
> would be cheaper to make whole new TNC.

The T2 at ~US$100 is a reasonable data point, and I suspect an ARM
based unit would be a bit more.

On the other hand, a microcontroller add-on for a KISS-only KPC3 could
probably be built for roughly the price of an OpenTracker, which is
half that.  Hams are both cheap and loathe to let go of any equipment
that they already have. (:

Having said that, a typical 8 bit microcontroller probably doesn't
have enough RAM to implement this.


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