[aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???

John Ronan jpronans at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 03:49:46 EDT 2009

On 20 Oct 2009, at 23:08, Derek Koonce wrote:

> I'll throw in one more pro-Garmin...

I've a GPS-V since about 2002, it now resides on the dash of my car.   
While it's not the fastest at updating the route when you miss a  
turn, it works, waypoints work etc, it works all the time. I also  
have a Forerunner 101 that I used with my TH-D7 (used in Austrailia/ 
New Zealand also), a recently acquired Nuvi to keep XYL happy on  
trips, (and I can use Scott, N1VG's interface cable to plug into the  
TH-D7), lastly there's a Garmin E-trex for use in operations with  
Mountain Rescue.

de John

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