[aprssig] GPS tracking how to get Lat/Lon's

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Subject: [aprssig] GPS tracking how to get Lat/Lon's

Hello, I am new to APRS and have been reading quite a bit about this over the past few days.  We have the need for our vehicles to transmit their GPS location every 30-60 seconds.  However the missing link is that we need to be able to receive those LAT / LON's coordinates to our servers because we have developed complex mapping technology that utilizes this data.  Right now we use commercial communications to accomplish this task but for some small operations this is not feasible and APRS may be able to accomplish this with low cost in-vehicle GPS/radio hardware.

I understand the process of transmitting the data from the vehicle and what hardware is required to send the data.  The part that I am missing and could not find an exact description is how can we get that data routed to us via the APRS network?  Are we required to have our own receiver/base/APRS internet hub?  What is the best low cost (reliable) solution/setup to actually receive the data from the vehicles so we can get the raw data and store it?  We do not want to use someone else website to look up the GPS data, we just need to receive the data streams/packets from all the vehicles in real time.

Thank You in advance.


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