[aprssig] APRS Text to Speech?

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Oct 15 16:08:37 EDT 2009

Robert Bruninga wrote:

> In the kenwood, I think there was a way to use %XX to speak a
> particular WORD that was already programmed into the speech
> chip.  I even used those techniques with my original APRSdata
> program to cause Satellite ALERTS to be spoken using the words
> HIGH and LOW in the D700 to indicate the elevation of a satelite
> in view.

The TM.D710 do NOT spell any words as the TM-D700 could. This is
probably not implemented in the TM-D710 or a bug.

The TM-D710 announce the senders callsign and igf the message starts
with "%" its going to spell each letter.

Kai Gunter

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