[aprssig] Lotsa ears, big mouth concept.

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Tue Oct 13 14:16:42 EDT 2009

Frank or Barbara Rossi writes:

> I was going to put a DIGI at 2,600 Ft on Chestnut Ridge in Eastern 
> Westmoreland County.
> South Western Pa goes from Mt Davis 3,200 Ft to the 600 Ft range at the 
> Ohio River,
> Pittsburgh Pa at river level is about 700 Ft 35 miles away.
> I found that the receiver was never quiet, many doubling stations that 
> could not hear each other, but I could hear them.
> My conclusion was that the site was to high, hearing stations to far away.
> I was hearing DIGIs in Eastern Ohio when they were not getting doubled.
> Essentially the coverage far exceeded what the Aloha Circle should have 
> been for full channel usage.
> Even at 2,600 Ft there was still shadows.
> So I abandon the Idea of the DIGI at 2,600 Ft in favor of more DIGIs at 
> lower altitude.

Put a receiver at 2600 ft with a 70cm or 23cm feed to APRS-IS.
This is a novel idea from the 70's cellular industry called
umbrella. When the digi/igate software reaches the required
maturity, you will be able to use the fill-in packets at your
digi :)

Benjamin OH3BK
		Live Reports from the Taxman's Paradise!

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