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Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
Sun Oct 11 10:58:03 EDT 2009

The pictures for the MFJ-1278 Rev 9 PCB UIDIGI / TNC2 compatible conversion have been uploaded to the files area of the Yahoo UIDIGI group under the MFJ1278_REV9_PCB folder.

The new modification instruction file for the MFJ-1278 Rev 9 PCB (1278_REV9_PCB_UIDIGI.doc) was moved from the old MFJ1278 folder to the MFJ1278_REV9_PCB folder.

The old 1278_UIDIGI.doc for the Rev 8 PCB was moved from the root to the MFJ1278 folder where it belongs.

Good Luck!

Tim - N8DEU

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  Today I had some time to work on a MFJ-1278 Revision 9 PCB. I just happened to have one in storage and confirmed it was a Rev 9 PCB. There is a slight difference between the Rev 8 and the Rev 9 PCB. The Rev 9 PCB has the FAX/SSTV option card installed and the Rev 8 PCB I modified years ago did not. This explains why so many have failed attempting to get a Rev 9 PCB working with UIDIGI. The Rev 8 modification stands with the exception that you must remove IC's U303 and U304 from the FAX/SSTV Modem board to get it going. Actually, you can simply remove the FAX/SSTV Modem board completely to reduce power consumption if you wish.

  I followed my own modification instructions from the MFJ-1278 Rev 8 PCB that was posted to make sure I did not miss anything. It did not work at first until I realized the Rev 9 PCB had the additional FAX/SSTV Modem board installed causing problems on the data bus with UIDIGI. So, I simply removed U303 and U304. I bent the tabs on the FAX/SSTV board to slide it off the side in order to install the custom wired header at U28. When you do this you can remove U303 and U304 before you slide the board back onto the mounting tabs. When I get a chance I will post some pictures of the MFJ-1278 Rev 9 PCB. It receives, decodes, and transmits perfectly with UIDIGI 1.9 beta 3 firmware.

  I just uploaded a document to the UIDIGI Yahoo Group outlining the modification required to make a MFJ-1278 (Rev 9 PCB) work with UIDIGI. It has been working on my bench all afternoon and headed for full time service this weekend.

  Good Luck!

  Tim - N8DEU
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