[aprssig] DX-cluster Messaging?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 6 10:16:36 EDT 2009

>> ... if the DX clusters have a message 
>> or chat mode, then we should make every 
>> effort to get it tied to the Universal 
>> Ham Radio Text Messaging initiative.  See
>> www.aprs.org/aprs-messaging.html
> NO!   Do not put that flood on APRS!
> Full feed... is hundreds of items per hour 
> when nothing interesting happens, and totally 
> unmanagable even on internet when something
> does happen!
>> We should be able to message any callsign, 
>> anywhere, anytime, on any system by 
>> interconnecting all ham radio message systems.

> I watch VUSHF spots in strictly limited area.
> Would these even fit on APRS message?  
> (And really they are more like beacons, 
> definitely not messages!)

Yes, I do not want the beacons or spots, but if anyone does send
a "message" directed to a particular callsign then that
"message" could be copied over to the APRS-IS for possible
delivery to that call if he is there.

>de DL1YAW: 432183.0  SK7MW  jo65-jo41 55 with dead preamp.
>de HA6W:   432000.0  SK7MW  where are you let us try 
>de SK4KO:  432216.0  SK4KO  CQ Beam South          
>de SK6HD:  432187.0  SK6HD  CQ DIR LA NOW          
>de SM3BEI: 432190.0  432/SSB JP81NG to SM6/OZ SSB   
>de SK7MW:  432184.0  DL6MFK  pse info when time :-) 
>de SK7MW:  432184.0  OE3JPC  try ???                
>de OE3JPC: 432360.0  SK7MW   ok, pse qsy qrm...     
>de DM5D:   432170.0  SK6AW   JO67-JO61 55/57        
>de OH8MBN: 145900.0  SN2009L KP25RA<SAT>JO91RR 
>de OH8MBN: 436800.0  TF/N2YTF KP25RA<SAT> SO-50 sat  
>de SK6AW:  432329.5  OL4A    JO67AQ<>JO60RN 59/59   

I think I see the problem.  There is no easy way to distinguish
between a spot, where the comments are directed to everyone,
from a spot, that is comments directed to the DX station...
Though some of the above examples do fall into either

OK, there are two processes...

1) Formatting an APRS message to send INTO the DX cluster
system.  This should be easy and a very light load.  Something
like sending an APRS message to DX and having the first word of
the message be the CALLSIGN.  An APRS==>DXCLUSTER engine
somewhere looks for these APRS messages and injects them into
the DX Cluster system

2) Letting a DX cluser user send a message out to APRS is
another matter.  Could it be as simple as one of the above SPOTS
having "APRS" in the callsign field?  Then, again, the first
WORD in the spot is the intended recepient.  This lets someone
who happens to be on the DX Cluster but suddenly has an urgent
need to send a message to an APRS user who is out driving around
in his car, to send that message as is where is...

Why not?

Bob, Wb4APR

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