[aprssig] earthquakes

John L. Wilson jwilson at ncfcomm.com
Sat Oct 3 23:16:09 EDT 2009

Yes there are two ways to get them.  On APRS, WE7U puts out objects for
earthquakes.  And you can get them from the USGS.  Probably the best way to
see them is in Google Earth.  aprs.fi has a feed to google earth (see the
Google Earth KML link at http://aprs.fi <http://aprs.fi/> /  example:
http://aprs.fi/?call=021553q53).  USGS also has the capability to download
to Google Earth (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/catalogs/).  Explore
Both are near real time.
The number of earthquakes in your area have been very heavy and devistating.
Glad OZ has missed both the earthquakes and tsunamis
Monty Wilson
 <mailto:jwilson at ncfcomm.com> jwilson at ncfcomm.com


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Are there any feeds of quakes on APRS ?
We have been hammered recently in south hemisphere
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