[aprssig] [OT] RE: APRS Solar Power (I was wrong)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 2 09:15:22 EDT 2009

> ... over here [refrigerators] take an almighty
> kick to get the compressor motor started.

I was amazed when I tried my $150 inverter (1 KW) and it started the refrigerator just fine.  Reason is, all modern inverters do the voltage up-conversion very efficiently as a DC/DC power supply with say 200V DC or so on the capacitors.  Then they chop that to 60 Hz AC, which means there is plenty of capacitor oomph to provide that initial peak current.

> Out of curiosity, if you let your Prius 
> run right down, and you had no fuel...
> how long before it would have enough 
> charge to be useful again?

The array is 200 watts, so that is the only "source" of power in that case.   The Prius is only in the middle with its bajillion watts of energy stored in the gas tank.  So it can provide lots of power on demand, but the net (without gas) is only 200 watts and only when the sun shines.

But my 1 Kw 115 VAC inverter I installed in the trunk really runs from the 12 VDC system like on any car, so anyone can do it.  Its just that the prius wont let the 12v battry run down, it will start the engine and recharge it.  Oh, at a 1 kW full discharge, my guess is the engine would have to start after only 15 minutes or less.

Bob, Wb4APR

  Genuine curiosity, after someone else asked me a question about
>this sort of thing.
>Dave G0WBX.
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>> On Oct 1, 2009, at 2:57 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> That, a few deep cycle batteries, (and using CFL lightbulbs in your 
>> house) will give you enough emergency power to operate your full Ham 
>> station, all the lights in the house you want plus your refrigerator 
>> for as long as you can buy gas.
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