[aprssig] APRS Path Question

Jeff Dugas radarbuzz at delphiforums.com
Fri Nov 27 12:58:56 EST 2009

Post-Thanksgiving Day greetings to all,
I travel frequently, and when I am on an extended road trip I operate APRS (D700) Wide 1-1, Wide 2-2,
as N5TEV-1.
Recently I was looking at my position reports on aprs.fi for Wednesday night (26 Nov, 00:32z - 00:41z), from outside of Ocala FL. Several of these position reports appeared to be going all the way up into the Carolinas on the second hop. This seems like quite long distance. Maybe I've just never noticed before, as any digipeter in a particularly good location may be able to see that far line-of-sight under the proper conditions. But that's a long way. I've assumed that on aprs.fi when you hover over a position report the lines that pop up depict they RF path of the packet between digipeters.
Am I doing anything wrong, or are my paths abusive? I'm condisidering changing my path to FLn-N, versus what I have now for those times when I'm not operating within Florida. Thoughts?

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