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Allan May rxtech_03 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 25 00:56:39 EST 2009

Hey Everyone,
Hope all is doing well. Scott, i was looking at the website for an lcd to hook up my OT2 to an LCD screen. Which one would you recommend? also, how would you hook an LCD to the OT2? Im using my OT2 as a Digi and do not have a computer to hook it up to to see whose coming across my screen. can you help me? thanks,
                             Allan May, WD4ITE EC Mathews, VA

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Subject: [aprssig] SparkFun free day

Here's a chance for you to pick up some free APRS gear - SparkFun is having a Free Day on January 7th.  Up to $100 of free stuff per household (until they hit $100,000), you pay the shipping.  Details here:


They've got GPS receivers, LCD modules, sensors, wireless gadgets, and so forth.  Also, if you look up 'weather meters' you'll see the same sensor assembly that'll be shipping soon with my ADS-WS1 weather station.  You could pick up one of those and save yourself around $70 when the WS1 comes out.


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