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Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
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It's the Domestic, "in house", user installed version.  Not an "Access"
system bringing internet to your house or local area like BPL is/was.
No skill needed, in fact, if they had knowledge and skill, they'd run
some LAN cable or use WiFi instead.

Currently it effects 2 to 30MHz, but the Homeplug alliance (among
others) wish to move up to some 300MHz, to gain bandwidth to stream HD
video.   The current systems effectively turn the whole building into
one huge broadband noise source, taking out HF for as much as 1k radius
for the likes of us, and can still be heard over far greater distances.

Some systems have notches for the US ham bands, but they still
obliterate the rest of the SW spectrum including 60m (and, ahem, cough!
CB) as well as considerably raising the noise floor in the notched

If there was not an issue with radiated QRM ('M' for "Man made" noises)
from these systems, why program notches in their spectrum usage?   Is
that not an admission that there is a problem?

Though they have security like AES encryption built in (another
admission that they leak?) many users just use them straight out of the
box, so anyone who knows the default security key, with another
compatible unit could (and experiments have been done, that show
different compatible systems could communicate without any direct
physical connection) 'sniff' such a network, with all the fun and games
that brings.

They are being marketed purely as a convenience item, notwithstanding
anything else.  They are not exactly low power consumption either.

Then there are wireless battery chargers.. "Powermat" and the like.   It
is only just beginning.   If you all want to keep APRS and other Amateur
radio services and systems running for the grteater good, you best start
to look arround, and see what's coming round the corner soon.   Big
business & politics vs Hams.

I've said enough now.   Go to the UKQRM site, and take a listen to the
example racket these things make.  Also, links to various YouTube

That is all.


Dave G0WBX.

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> Dave Baxter wrote:
> >> Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
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> >
> > Coming to a neighbourhood near you sometime soon (if not 
> already there)
> > PLT!    And it might just silence you...
> > In the US, a similar system (with all to similar problems) 
> is known as
> > "PLA".   Or how to radiate huge ammounts of QRM from your 
> domestic power
> > wiring.
> >
> > http://www.ukqrm.org   Read and learn.   Not nice if you've got this
> > nearby.
> >   
> 	This looks very similar to BPL -- is it the same???
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