[aprssig] Centralised message server

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Nov 20 17:21:55 EST 2009

Keep it for 24 hours and then retry on heard then dump it

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> Since you asked, I've been thinking about an APRS-IS-based message
> server that would detect messaging activity, track acks, and offer the
> sender to buffer and retry the message if too many retransmissions occur
> without an ack.  I've also considered the ability for message recipients
> to be able to set up alternate delivery addresses (like e-mail) for
> non-ack'd messages.
> However, there's some (justified) resistance to "spoofed" source
> addresses on APRS packets, so the delayed delivery mechanism is a bit
> difficult to add the originator's address when the original message may
> have already been a full length.
> If we can work out the behavior of such a program, and don't meet with
> much resistance, I believe it could be done similar to CQSRVR, WHO-IS,
> and EMAIL servers.
> Here's a possible starting point:
> 1) Monitor message traffic for retries w/o acks
> 2) When a "longer than anticipated" delay occurs, send a message to the
> sender of the failed message.
> 3) Offer to a) Retry, b) Ignore, or c) Never Again the message from
> sender to receiver
> 4) Option would be sent via reply from sender to server (only one per
> sender/receiver at a time)
> 5) If c) Never Gain - add sender to "ignore" list.
> 6) If b) Ignore - quit processing that message
> 7) if a) Retry - Monitor APRS-IS for beacons from recipient and
> (here's where it gets iffy)
> 8) Send a message to recipient from server informing of buffer message
> from sender
> 9) Option to a) Receive, b) Ignore, c) Never Again
> 10) if c) Never Again - add recipient to "ignore" list
> 11) if b) Ignore - quit processing that message
> 12) if a) Retry - Send message as if it came from original sender
> (spoofed, but with permission on both ends)
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> What do you think of the idea that you sumbit a messages to a server
>> running mysql.
>> Next time the station is heard, the message gets delivered ?
>> Like what they call a Short Message Server in mobile phones.
>> Would take to the necessaity off the home user to be running a client
>> holding the messages.
>> You would submit via the web as well through a web page.
>> Andrew VK4TEC
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