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Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Thu Nov 12 07:59:14 EST 2009


20 metres would seem to offer the best prospect for DX working and we
will be operating on 14.103 MHz (Dial reading, LSB with KAM tones). This
will put the sidebands 200Hz below the Beacon segment. 


So, you have a suppressed carrier ABOVE the beacons, and put tones into
the mix, resulting in signals BELOW the beacons.   Hmmmm... What tones
would they be then?    And what about the spurious noise level from your
TX straddling the beacon segment if that is the case?

On the WA8LMF pages, Kam tones on HF seem to be 1600/1800 Hz
So, I think you mean 1.2kHz ABOVE the beacons.

14103000Hz - 1800Hz = 14101200Hz
14103000Hz - 1600Hz = 14101400Hz

Please keep the HF beacons clear of such noises.  They are there by
international agreement for all to use, and not only by transmitting
amateurs.  HF Packet (for what APRS is) has no such agreement that I can
find for that frequency.

In any case, of a weekend, like everything else down there, even APRS
isn't going to compete with the QRO RTTY contest types.  Heck, you even
get people calling CQ Test on SSB on top of 14.100 there many weekends.
Some sporting W calls it has to be said.


Dave G0WBX.

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>   Duffy there is a group on 14.103 LB doing some testing...
> http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.brightman/lukespage.htm
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