[aprssig] FoxDigi

Randy Love rlove31 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 08:26:46 EST 2009

The OT2m is 3 times the price of a FoxDigi, but here what you get with
that extra money:

1. The best customer service you could ever ask for. Scott is
wonderful to work with.
2. Constantly updated firmware, not only for APRS specification
changes, but also for tweeks and changes that improve the performance
of the device.
3. Remote control via APRS messages. Just about anything you could
need to adjust you can do remotely via APRS messaging, if so inclined.
4. Did I mention Scott's customer service and support??


PS. To be fair, most of these same extras apply to the TT4 also, Byon
is top notch also.

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