[aprssig] temporary APRS setup

Chuck Gooden Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net
Sun Nov 1 13:14:34 EST 2009

If your launching a balloon the temerature will decrease about 4 degrees 
F for every 1000 ft.

Steven Brower wrote:
> Thanks, Mark
> That's true about the power on that thing- I put it in my freezer for an hour and the power did go down a bit but less than a volt. I will have to retest with all the new electronics I've subsequently come up with for the payload.  It's so tiny though.  I guess an Alinco is the more typical choice, even though its heavier.  I found a digipeater 100 miles away from my launch site and I am thinking that's too far to depend on for the returning payload.  Do you have suggestions about a temporary digi/igate to supplement that distant station?  How much coverage would one need at a minimum?  Again, this is out in Montana, north of Livingston.
> Steven Brower
> Mark's reply:
> I would hesitate to use the VX-1 as the RF source. This radio is nice, 
> but if it has a low battery or power interuption, a button press is 
> required on the power button to set things right again - so you would 
> lose positions. It also in my tests didn't do well in ground-level cold 
> temps (20F range). At altitude, your balloon electonics could be colder. 
> Have you simulated a flight to see if your battery set-up can run the 
> package for the full duration predicted, and then some?

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